Wildlife Mad Travellers' Future Travels

See below for our future plans...



* Confirmed


** At planning stage


*** Subject to change!

In 2019 we are planning to visit...



In September we are doing another road trip, Alan's Mountain Lasso Loop - starting in Denver we will be revisiting Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Bighorn Mountains, Black Hill area, western Nebraska and Rocky Mountain National Park.




In October we will be returning to the US for a long weekend break. 

In 2020 we are planning to visit...



In March we are planning to return to Florida to revisit the Everglades and other wildlife reserves.


Alan's AlCan Road Trip*


Alan is making plans for another Alaska / Canada Highway & Marine road / ferry trip during May / June.


Liz's Vancouver Island Bear Adventure**


In September we are planning a trip to see how many bears we can see from Vancouver Island. We'll be doing lots of boat trips from the island to see black and brown (grizzly) bears.


In 2021 and beyond...***(all subject to change!)

Kenya - Masai Mara - Governors Camp




Chile - Patagonia - Pumas


Brazil - Pantanal - Jaguars


North Amercia - DIY Bears




Botswana - Big Cats


USA - New England & Eastern Canada Fall Colours




Canada - Spring Polar Bears


Germany - football!


USA - Alaska - Brown Bears




USA - Nevada / Arizona / Utah - Silver Road Trip


Canada - Yukon - Ice Bears


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