Future Adventures

In 2018 we are planning to visit...

North American Bears Adventure (Black & Brown)*


In September we will be returning to Canada & USA (Alsaka) to see how many bears we can spot during the September salmon runs, our 100 bears challenge!




In November we will be returning to Las Vegas for a long weekend of fun with our dear friend Robert.

In 2019 we are planning to visit...



In January 2019 we will be returning to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for a laughter filled snowy adventure with our friends Larry & Paula. 




In March 2019 we are returning to Kenya for a week in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.




In May / June 2019 we will be spending a week on the Isle of Mull looking for otters and other British wildlife and taking a divert on our back south exploring some more of the wilds of Scotland.


USA (Alaska) or Canada (Alberta)***


In September / October 2019 we are considering either a trip to see polar bears in Alaska or Brown Bears in Canada. 

Future plans... not in any order whatsoever!



We are considering returning to the Grampians and Tasmania. Road tripping and wildlife viewing.


Alaska, USA***


We are considering returning to Kodiak Island in Alaska to see the largest of the Brown bears, the Kodiak bear.



We are considering returning to Japan to hopefully see  Asiatic black bears (moon bears) and Brown Bears. During this trip we are planning to visit Shiretoko National Park, home to one of the largest concentrations of brown bears in the world, and Shinshu Kuma Ken National Park to spend time with a local bear conservation and research organisation to look for the moon bear. Other widlife highlights we may encounter on this adventure include Japanese serows, Japanese squirrels, red fox, Japanese martens, raccoon dog, sperm whales, north Pacific right whales and Dalls porpoises.



We are considering returning to Peru in search of Spectacled Bears.

* Confirmed


** At planning stage


*** Subject to change!

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