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Brown bears

The following articles map our bear explorations to date and give you some ideas on where, when and how it is best to view these wonderful animals.  We’ve only scratched the surface of the bear viewing options on offer, but if you’re new to bear viewing the articles will give you an idea of what to expect and help you decide which option may be right for you. And if you're not new to bear viewing you might just find a bear viewing location you didn't already know about... we often bump into like minded people on our trips and learn of new wildlife viewing experiences that we want to add to our list of must dos! 

Kermode (Spirit) bear

It surprises us how often we come across people on our travels that haven’t done any research on what they are likely to see when visiting certain regions or lodges. A good example of this was a couple we met at Spirit Bear Lodge, we were out on a rare viewing of this magical white bear when the couple turned to us and said we were hoping to see grizzly bears.  Wow, you have a really rare bear in front of you and you really wanted to see a grizzly!  This couple could have paid a fraction of the money they were paying and seen wild grizzly bears in much more comfortable surroundings had they done some research first.


On the following pages we have attempted to give you an idea of the type of experience that each location has to offer, whether viewing is on platforms, boats, vehicles or your own two feet; the sizes of groups; the length of time you have viewing the bears; the type of clothing provided or that you should take with you; information on the accommodation; the time of year that is best for a visit; and of course the wildlife that you may see.


The aim is that this information will help you to decide whether a particular lodge / experience is right for your fitness level, comfort expectations and bear expectations!  You could start with the summary of our viewing experiences or use the links below.  Happy bearing!

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